About Film


Yes we may be extremely old school, but film is what gives meaning and life to our work and our passion for photography. It feels like Christmas all over again each time we receive our film scans back from our lab. It is what started us on this beautiful journey, which we hope to bless people with. And we also believe that our love for film is a part of what makes us who we are.

From choosing the medium format film camera that we use, to working out a personal developing and scanning formula with our film lab in the US, we strive to bring to you something unique and which we still relentlessly craft to perfection – part of who we are, dreamy, timeless, sentimental – to tell your story.

We are mesmerised by how film captures the light, slowly absorbing it to give that glow and dreaminess that we love. This is also why we try to work with natural light as much as we can.

We shoot in film for all our engagement and editorial shoots, and use a combination of film and digital photography for our wedding shoots, depending on the lighting condition, pace and circumstances at that specific moment.