About Jada


Photo by Hilary Chan Photography

  • 4 years ago, I left my corporate lawyer life at an international law firm, travelled to Mexico where my film photography and fine art wedding photography journey began with the great master Jose Villa, who encouraged me, and inspired me in the way my photography style developed later on
  • I also learnt under Elizabeth Messina at her workshop, another photographer that I admire
  • I love to capture light and love through the weddings and editorial work that I do, but would love to work towards also being a humanitarian photographer, bringing love and hope to those who may not have seen them. My heart is heavily on women and children who have been trafficked, in my eyes the worst form of abuse on human rights and a human being
  • I have a bit of an all-over-the-place history, having spent almost 10 years in England, studied in New York and Beijing after that, and with my parents who were from Sydney, I just love travelling and the inspirations and moods different countries bring to me
  • bits and pieces of what I love: black and white film, dogs (!!!), Ford Mustangs, rustic French home décor, ice-cream, modern calligraphy, a pastel mint and gold colour combination, ballerinas, beautiful stationery, majestic trees, flowing fabric, travelling, bike rides through the nature, jazz music, chic cafes, ‘just becauses’, human connection, testimonies of other people’s lives, the little details in life
  • I studied fashion design and love the movement of fabrics and styling for shoots/weddings, which is also why I love flow and movement in my photography
  • I am passionate about photographing women in their radiance and beauty, and in human connections and the expressions as a result of it