Our Philosophy

We believe in photography as a craft, and that
an image should capture a part of your heart and who you are.

We shoot with film in all our engagement and portrait shoots,
and combine both film and digital photography in our weddings,
depending on the circumstances, lighting and pace of
the particular moment. There’s something about film that gives the images depth, glow, and enhances the mood and emotions of it all. (Please see our ‘About Film’ to read more about our love for film)

We shoot with primarily natural light, and through combining
it with film photography and particular styling, we create
fine art images that are filled with rustic elegance,
pastel romance and soft tenderness. The weddings
we shoot reflect how we perceive weddings and also part
of who we are, and who our couples are.

We love elegant weddings, garden weddings, western weddings,
light-filled, intimate weddings, styled with a touch of
rustic elegance interweaving with classic romance.

We love candles, floral arches, antique vases, pastel colours,
centerpieces, table runners, mason jars, fairylights,
calligraphy invitations, wooden signages, garden roses, lace,
pets joining the procession, first and father & daughter dances, cute flower girls with flower wreaths,
sparklers, and anything with a dash of the colour pastel mint.

We love it when you come to us for styling and
outfit suggestions, as the whole visual contributes a lot to
the overall mood enhancement and ultimately, your story.

Soft, dreamy, elegant, timeless and sentimental – is how we tell your love story.