We met Jada in the winter of 2015. Jada photographed our pre-wedding in Paris and wedding day in Hong Kong. We still remember first time seeing Jada, we already known she is the photographer that we wanted.

In the beginning we were nervous about the pre-wedding shoot in Paris but thanks to Jada’s professionalism, we were able to capture many beautiful pictures in a way we could not have imagined.

Not only a beautiful set of images, Jada also designed a beautiful album which made the perfect record of our memories. It’s something my husband and I could always look back on and remember how every step of the way felt.

Jada’s photos definitely tell our story and capture the most natural shots possible. We are grateful that we received a lot of compliments about Jada from our family and friends. 

A huge thank you to you, Jada.



I first saw Jada’s work in a simply peachy blog post and was blown away by her eye for detail and her ability to capture that soft glow that surrounds a couple in love. For me that was it, I looked no further and was thrilled to find out that Jada was still available on our wedding day.

Jada’s gentle and calm presence definitely added to making me feel at ease and confident on our special day. Jada is a kind-hearted giving soul, that is incredibly talented and generous with her art. We love our wedding pictures and hope to hire Jada again one day down the road when we renew our vows 🙂 



We are very blessed to have Jada as our pre-wedding photographer. Jada is an extremely talented photographer who has the unique ability to capture the personalities and the essence of love & connection between two people in a snap shot. She has a distinctive touch in her photos that brings out the warmth in one’s heart, she is also an amazing storyteller by highlighting the uniqueness of each couple in her photoshoots. 

Jada encouraged us to let our personalities shine, to interact with each other the way we always do during our photoshoot. We were also humbled to learn from our experience with Jada that little is needed for a perfect photo. It turns out all we ever needed to do was to prepare a couple of outfits, to enjoy the environment around us and let the maestro do her work!

It’s been three years since our photoshoot with Jada and till this day, the photos never fail to bring smiles to our faces. They are timeless, warm and truly beautiful.  It reminds us of our excitement about our engagement and the future that lies before us, and most importantly, it captured our happiness in the place where we started – in Teakha! Thank you so much again for your work, Jada! Thank you for capturing our love, our story and our personalities with so much finesse, we wish we can go through our engagement again just to have our photos taken by you! We wish you all the very best and may your magical touch continue to bring everlasting joy to engaged & married couples! ☺



When my husband and I started planning our wedding, choosing a photographer that we believed in was one of the most important thing on our list because wedding photographs are memories captured that lasts a lifetime. We researched and looked at numerous photographers and kept on going back to Jada’s website and Instagram admiring her work.
Her photos are timeless, elegant and classy. Jada was a great help when it came to planning the rundown and she even offered and asked to see my dresses and her comments were valuable to me. We couldn't be happier with our choice and we have no doubt that all couples who decide to have Jada capture stories on their big day will not be disappointed.

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away. ~ Eudora Welty

You helped us keep many special moments. Thanks Jada!